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Adizone-C is a natural organic remedy demonstrated to REDUCE INFLAMMATION, support upper respiratory and bowel conditions, ease muscle, joint and nerve pain.

Adizone-C's natural primary purpose is for it's anti-inflammatory ability. The organic herbs synergistically harmonize in naturally keeping functionability in your pet.

This natural Adizone-C remedy has many beneficial health uses for your animal or pet. Below are several reasons Adizone-C is beneficial to the health of your pet.

Muscle & Joint Pain



  Cough Suppressant








Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Reduce free radicals

Sensativity of the skin


Adizone-C has been known to help with treatment of excessive itching, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis and joint pain, alleviation of asthma and other allergies. Adizone-C is excellent to use in conjunction with Kitty Distempaid in cases where distemper kittens are not having regular bowel movements to help alleviate inflammatory swelling and pain.


Animal Weight
under 3 lbs.
2 drops
3 to 10 lbs.
5 drops
11 to 20 lbs.
10 drops
21 to 150 lbs.
15 drops
151 to 250 lbs.
20 drops or 1 cc/ml
251 to 300 lbs.
25 drops or 1/4 tsp.
301 to 400 lbs.
30 drops
401 to 500 lbs.
35 drops
501 to 600 lbs.
40 drops or 2 cc/ml
601 to 700 lbs.
45 drops
701 to 800 lbs.
50 drops or 1/2 tsp.
801 to 900 lbs.
55 drops
901 to 1000 lbs.
60 drops or 3 cc/ml
1001 lbs. and up
**See below**

**Suggested Use for larger animals such as horses, elephants, giraffes, etc.: Add an additional 5 drops of the Adizone-C for each additional 100 pounds of the animal's body weight to each dose. Please note: 100 drops = 1 tsp.; 50 drops = 1/2 tsp.; 25 drops = 1/4 tsp. A one (1) ounce bottle of Adizone-C contains approximately 1080 drops and a 4 ounce bottle contains approximately 4,320 drops

Suggested Use:
Shake product well before use. Give orally 3 times daily for up to 10 days. Do not exceed the recommended dose!

Note: there are approximately 30 drops in a dropper full of solution

Adizone-C has a 4-year shelf life from date stamped on bottle.

Adizone-C is not a cortizone (i.e. Prednisone) replacement. If you are in need of cortizone, please check with your Veterinarian Health Care Provider.

Adizone-C's natural organic remedy ingredients are:

  • Slippery Elm - Emollient / Nutritive / Laxative / Demulcent. Stimulates the mucous membrane tissue of the body to produce more mucus, soothe irritation or ulceration of the stomach and intestines, heals bronchitis, soothes a cough and builds up and prevents waste.
  • Peppermint - Carminative / antiseptic / antispasmodic / sweat stimulant / digestive. Used to treat gas, indigestion, colic, diarrhea, constipation, cramps, pain and sensitivity of the skin.
  • Spearmint - stimulant, carminative and antispasmodic, diuretic, febrifuge, and rubefacient. Treats inflammations of the eyes, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, cramps and colds. Relaxing to the esophagus. Eases motion sickness and, helps restore appetite.
  • Yarrow - Astringent/Fever reducer/Anti-inflammatory/Antispasmodic/Tonic/Blood pressure reducer/Bleeding/Diuretic. Reduce fever, bleeding and pain. Strengthen the digestive system. Can be used to treat colds
  • Jergon Sacha - Antiviral, antivenin, cough suppressant, protease inhibitor (typically used for viral infections), anti-inflammatory. Used to treat asthma, bites (snake, insect), chlorosis, gout, menstrual disorders, scabies, skin sores, whooping cough, worms, and as an antidote for poison arrow wounds.
  • Wild Cherry Bark - Expectorant / Astringent / Anti-spasmodic / Nervine. Used to thin mucous, relax the muscles of the chest, treat cough and cold symptoms. Give relief from diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Cat's Claw - Immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimutagenic, hypotensive and vasodilating, antiulcerous, antiviral, contraceptive, analgesic, anticoagulant, antidysenteric, detoxifier, diuretic. Used as a bowel cleanser, an anti-inflammatory for arthritis, muscle and joint pain, strains and injuries; for colitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, an immune stimulant, and in a wide array of other treatments.
  • Hibiscus Flowers - Hypotensive, antispasmodic, anthelmintic, antibacterial, diuretic. For indigestion, loss of appetite, colds, respiratory problems and circulation disorders.
  • Valerian Root - Sedative / Anti-anxiety / Antispasmodic / Nervine/Relaxant / Blood pressure reducer. Relief from muscle tension, allays pain and promotes sleep.
  • Rose Hips - Antimicrobial, antipyretic, antiscorbutic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, mild astringent, mild diuretic, mild laxative, nutritive, stomachic, tonic. A defense against colds and flu, catarrh, sore throats, and chest infections. Flourishes the bacteria of the digestive system. Assist in nervous system functioning and relieve exhaustion.
  • Garlic - Antibiotic / Expectorant / Anticoagulant / Tonic. Good for cough, colds, expectorant to thin mucus, and lowers blood pressure by thinning the blood.
  • Yucca Root - Anti-inflammatory. Used to treat skin inflammation and joint pain.
  • Alcohol -Intensifies, while preserving the properties of this herbal tincture.
  • Filtered water

Supplement Fact Chart
Serving Size - See Chart Below
Pet Weight Adizone-C Servings Per 1 oz. Bottle # of Pet's Treated
Under 3 lbs. 2 drops 540 18
3-10 lbs. 5 drops 216 7.2
11-20 lbs. 10 drops 108 3.6
21-150 lbs. 15 drops 72 2.4
151-250 lbs. 20 drops 54 1.8

Chart is based on a 3 times daily for 10 days treatment plan.

Note: Each above dose is less than 1ml.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. DO NOT give if pregnant or nursing. Do NOT give to cats. This product can thin the blood. Do not use with medications intended to suppress the immune system. May lower blood pressure. Prolonged use not recommended. One can experience an allergic reaction, which may manifest as skin redness, hives, swelling around the eyes, & serious breathing problems due to swelling of the larynx. If one is experiencing any adverse symptoms or notes any adverse signs, then cease using this product & immediately contact your nearest emergency medical system. The use of Adizone-C in the presence of endocrine pancreatic dysfunction (e.g. diabetes mellitus or acute infectious pancreatitis) and evidence of liver disease is a contraindication due to the presence of ethyl alcohol in this product. Alcohol may be removed by protocol (for every drop of Adizone-C, add 1 drop of hot water and let cool).

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

***When treating more than one pet with the same dropper, it is necessary to assure sterile administration without carry over from pet to pet. The best way to assure this is to use the dropper only to transfer product to an individual sterile oral syringe, using a different syringe for each pet. (This method will also reduce the chances of product contamination.) Those syringes should be sterilized after each use. Each pet should have its own syringe that is not shared with another pet.

The use of a syringe containing measured drops from the dropper will also remove the risk of the animal biting the glass dropper.**

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AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS: Due to Australia's customs regulations regarding pet products, we cannot ship these products to Australia. If you want/need the Kocci Free or Vibactra Plus product, you may purchase the Viparabac Plus. Viparabac Plus is the "people" version of this same product and labeled for human use. Kocci Free, which is labeled for pets, sometimes does not make it through Australian customs; we have not had any issues with the Viparabac Plus labeled for people passing customs.

Adizone-C - is an organic natural anti-inflammatory that reduces inflammation, supports upper respiratory and bowel conditions, eases muscle, join, and nerve pain. Adizone-C is helpful for conditions that would benefit from prednisone.

(1) Adizone-C 1 oz. - $24.97
(2) Adizone-C 1 oz. - $42.97 (Retail $49.94)
(1) Adizone-C 4 oz. - $75.97
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(1) Adizone-C-C (for Cats) 1 oz. - $24.97
(2) Adizone-C-C (for Cats) 1 oz. - $42.97 (Retail $49.94)
(1) Adizone-C-C (for Cats) 4 oz. - $75.97
(2) Adizone-C-C (for Cats) 4 oz. - $121.97 (Retail $150.94)

Adizone-C 2 DRAM (Tester/Travel) BOTTLES - is an organic natural anti-inflammatory. Adizone-C 2 dram bottle size is great for travel, small enough to put in your purse, treat bag, or just to try it before purchasing a larger size to make sure your pet doesn't have a reaction to it. We have a limited supply of the 2 dram bottles.   NOTE: One 2 dram bottle contains approximately 65 drops. It takes approximately sixteen (16) - 2 dram bottles to equal a 1 oz. bottle.  Sorry, Adizone-C-C (for cats) is not available in 2 dram bottles.
(1) Adizone-C 2 Dram - $1.00
(16) Adizone-C 2 Dram (equals 1oz.) - $16.99
((64) Adizone-C 2 Dram (equals 4oz.) - $50.00




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